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Pierrot.  One-man-show

Self–pity is a kind of pleasant state. It has many different names: "melancholy", "light sadness", "splin". It colors our boring and gray life. We are playing a kind of performance where we become the main character.It's easy to fall into self-pity when we're alone. People are distracting us. Therefore, it is always a "one-actor theater". The "theater" for no one.It's so convenient and sweet to put on a victim's mask. But it's getting harder and harder to take off this mask every year. Itstickstightly.

The first coming.
The firstact.
The second act.
05- Salomakhina_ Pierrot_One_man_show_Monologue_05.jpg
The second coming.
06- Salomakhina_ Pierrot_One_man_show_The_second_coming_06.jpg
07- Salomakhina_ Pierrot_One_man_show_Interlude_07.jpg
Theater scenery.
08- Salomakhina_ Pierrot_One_man_show_Theater_scenery_08.jpg
The thirdact.
09- Salomakhina_ Pierrot_One_man_show_The_third_act _09.jpg
Culminating point.
10- Salomakhina_ Pierrot_One_man_show_Culminating_point_10.jpg
11- Salomakhina_ Pierrot_One_man_show_Epilogue_11.jpg
As thecurtainfell.
12- Salomakhina_ Pierrot_One_man_show_As_the_curtain_fell_12.jpg
All pictures are copyright © by Marina Salomakhina
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